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Don't castigate Paula Deen

By Bill Lee | Jun 28, 2013

This recent confession by Paula Deen regarding the use of the "N" word many years ago is certainly unfortunate. However, millions of people, if they wish to be honest, as they were growing up, used words that were mean-spirited and hurtful.

Matt Lauer was visibly upset because Ms. Deen failed to make an appearance on the Today Show.  He said he was ready to put her on the hot seat.  Does Mr. Lauer want us to believe in his lifetime, he has never used words that are unacceptable in a civilized society? Let he who cast the first stone.

Furthermore, many rappers perpetuate the use of vile, disgusting words and the degrading of women consistently, including glorifying the killing of policemen.

Why does society accept that vulgar behavior? Ms. Deen, who is now being crucified, at least had the courage to publicly admit her failings.

Bill Lee
Ocean View

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