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Dream Versus Reality

By Bill Cullin | Apr 21, 2014

When you decide to buy a home, you may feel resistance to fulfilling the many practical requirements that are necessary to turn your dream into a reality. An important part of a professional real estate agent's job is to help you overcome such resistance.

You will need to handle a multitude of details when purchasing a property. There are numerous deadlines that require a timely response. Home purchases come with a lot of paperwork, such as the financial statement and purchase agreement. Negotiations with the seller are a standard part of the process. All of these practical "realities" can seem overwhelming.

You may experience a startling range of emotions at each step of the way, from mild anxiety to full-blown "buyer's remorse". It helps to remember that everyone who has purchased a home has probably experienced similar feelings. Just take a deep breath and trust your real estate agent, who is trained to help you deal with the pressures of the home-buying process.

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