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Drone lands near Cape district offices

Remote-control plane spotted near high school
By Melissa Steele | Dec 11, 2013
Source: NOAA Drones, likes this one used by NOAA, come in all shapes and sizes, and are gaining in popularity.

Drones are in the news, whether they are Amazon's latest delivery option or a military device for spying or as a weapon. Remotely operated devices could soon be part of everyday life.

One even was spotted recently flying near Cape Henlopen High School.

“It flew over my head, and I watched it,” said Mike Dmiterchick, assistant principal at the high school. “I asked the kids what it was because I never saw one before.”

Dmiterchick said he was monitoring the student parking lot as students arrived at school Nov. 6 when he heard a buzzing noise and noticed the small four-propeller plane with a camera attached.

“It was like one of those toys you see on TV,” he said.

Dmiterchick said he watched the plane fly about and then land near the district administration building. A man picked it up and drove away with it, he said.

Superintendent Robert Fulton said he heard the man may have been a local Realtor trying out a new device.

The rumor mill reached a school board meeting in November when a district official said the drone had crashed into the high school.

That, however, wasn't the case, Dmiterchick said.

“I guess the guy was practicing with it,” he said.

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