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Drool:  Fitness Friday!

By Rachel Swick Mavity | Jan 27, 2012
Source: Google images Try these with a 19-pound baby on your stomach - fun!

Tomorrow my son will be 7 months old. Wow, how time flies. He has stretched from a 7-pound peanut to a 19-pound meatball. If I gained that much weight in only 7 months, I would be horrified!

And that's the point of Fitness Friday - to keep the weight going in the opposite direction as our childrens' weight.

Today's tip comes from my morning routine with Droolface.

Lying on your back (we do this in bed, but it would be fine on the floor too), place the baby or small child on your stomach so that he's sitting on your lower stomach.

With knees bent and feet resting on the bed, raise your stomach so it's in the air, supporting the baby. Hold for a count of ten and then rest back on the bed. I usually start out slow and hold each rep for 10, but then towards the end I speed up, so the baby is bouncing a bit.

Droolface loves it - I don't know if it is the motion or the funny faces mommy makes while doing it.

Cheers and have a happy Friday!

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