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El Dorado hosts event for Epworth Skate Project

Mar 23, 2014
Source: Submitted Supporting the Epworth Skate Project are (l-r) El Dorado employee Karen Marin, Skate Project members Brion Johnson and Chad Murr, El Dorado owner Aquiles Demerutis, Skate Project member James West, and El Dorado employee Claribel Espinoza.

An enthusiastic crowd of supporters packed El Dorado Feb. 26 to enjoy authentic Mexican food and help raise money for the planned skate park at Epworth United Methodist Church. The event raised $500 to help fund construction.

El Dorado owner Aquiles Demerutis, a skateboarding enthusiast, offered to host the event. He believes that skate parks, like playing fields, are an important asset to the community. “Not every kid likes teams sports,” said Demerutis. The event was attended by many families and local skateboarders. “I know I will be there skating with my son someday,” said Demerutis.

The Epworth Skate Project is continuing to raise funds for construction. For more information, go to

Attending the El Dorado fundraiser for Epworth Skate Project are in back (l-r) Chase Schmehling, Jack Pedigo, Alex Scott, Andrew Minni and Somer Schaeffer; in front are Hank Faust, Enzo Zechiel and Nathan Katurakes. (Source: Submitted)
Enjoying a meal at El Dorado in support of Epworth Skate Project are Skate Project member Jason Wilson, Blair Cherico, Trish Wilson, Piper Cherico, Elizabeth Cherico and Sage Cherico. (Source: Submitted)
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