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Elective misery - running is for the entire family

Jul 19, 2013
Photos by: Dave Frederick The fastest runners break away from the pack in the first 40 meters; Hugh Toland, 1463, placed second and Patrick Boettcher, 5016, was third.

It was elective misery for 347 runners on a sultry, sauna-like Sunday morning, July 14, all piped and hyped and focused to run the Jimmy's Grille 5K as part of Races2Run's 10 Sisters Summer Running Series.

The sport of foot racing attracts mostly an educated class of athletes with disposable income and time, people who are successful in life because they are goal-oriented. The downside of this is that nobody is stopping because it's too hot, so if they start seeing spots, they figure in a dog-friendly town like Dewey, that's natural.

The fast-paced race went to Brett Kelly,19, of Gilbertsville, Pa., in 16:13 followed by Hugh Toland, 32, 16:26 and Patrick Boettcher, 16:54.

Tara Cavaselis, 36, won the women’s race in 19:42 followed by Jen Cawthern in 20:44 and Alyssa Pietrobono in 20:53.

The collection of characters in the Dewey races is hard to figure, but there is a pattern of college athletes from all sports using the 5K series to test themselves, improve personal times or justify partying for most of the weekend.

Running's answer to the peloton. The difference is lead runners never come back to the pack. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Brett Kelly, 19, of Gilbertsville, Pa., was the overall winner in 16:13. Brett either runs for Princeton or shops at Marshall's. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Hugh Toland, second place overall, approaches the finish.
Patrick Boettcher finishes in third place with a fast time of 16:54.
Tara Cavaselis won the women's race in 19:42. Mike Relp, 44, of Wilmington is on her heels but gets chicked at the finish. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Adam Horwitz, 37, thumbs up, runs 22:47. Chris Saunders trails running 23:12.
Jen Cawthern, the runner formerly known as Jen Novak, runs 20:44. Jen coaches track at Sussex Central. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Elizabeth Haxthausen, 35, runs 26:16 and is getting ready to execute a turn. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Cindy Dikeman, 40, of Wilmington runs 35:27. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
Emily McMichael, 25, of Middletown runs 27:32. (Photo by: Dave Frederick )
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