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Electric vehicles should be more affordable

By Shannon Beston | Feb 21, 2014

Imagine being able to afford a car that consumes no oil, produces no tailpipe pollution, and helps protect future generations from the worst impacts of global climate change. Now imagine being able to afford solar panels that can charge that car using renewable energy. According to a recent Cape Gazette announcement, SolarCity has expanded to the Eastern Shore, putting Delaware homeowners halfway there with affordable solar power. Let’s keep this momentum going in the form of a clean cars program.

With the right policies and proper infrastructure, we can make electric vehicles an affordable option for thousands of families across Delaware. One such policy is the clean cars program, which prioritizes low- and zero-emissions vehicles. This program is one of the main reasons that many car companies are offering affordable deals on electric cars, such as the $199 per month Nissan Leaf.

Unfortunately, Delaware has yet to adopt the latest round of clean car standards. Agreeing to the California motor vehicle standards in 2010 was a good first step, but now it’s time for Governor Markell to choose the updated clean car rules and put more zero-emission vehicles on Delaware roads. Let’s adopt more policies that are good for our health and the environment while making electric vehicles a more affordable option for Delaware citizens.

Shannon Beston
Intern with Environment America

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