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Exercise Reverses Brain Decay…per Life Extension 1/14 edition, "Outwitting Our Aging Brain" article-Fun Fit Vibe research for CLIENTS.

By Fun Fit Vibe | Dec 23, 2013

We really try to keep abreast of current articles for our clients…& ourselves because we all intend to not "age gracefully". We are going to fight it every step of the way.

Yes we all may be struck down in the prime of our lives with a pancreas tumor - like me. That stops us in our tracks. Or lyme disease, cancer or other unexpected things…But as science progresses we really can know & avoid many disease that were thought to be unexpected.

The problem with knowing is the responsibility to DO something about it. This article dives right into a disease that has taken all of my mother's siblings - Alzheimer's. And now leads us to believe a broader group of diseases known as "Cerebral Circulatory Deficit" can be positively impacted by exercise. Due to the fact that exercise increases circulation…now what exercise maximizes circulation? Power Plate training at Fun Fit Vibe - We would love to discuss these benefits with you - simple! Call 302-249-8000.

"Several human studies show that aerobic exercise increases the size of the cognitive centers of the brain & improves memory.

One study showed that 1 to 2 years of exercise increased hippocampal volume by 2%, which was accompanied by improved memory function. Considering hippocampal volume often shrinks with aging, this improvement in size should be viewed as substantial.

A review of several studies showed better physical fitness to be associated with improved cognitive function. This review showed that beneficial mechanisms behind the effect of exercise on cognitive health

were "increases in brain perfusion and the ability of cerebral blood vessels to respond to demand.""

WOW - As a lot of my clients say "I wish I would have started sooner" applies here. Now that we know the science, we want to DO all we can to protect our brains. No doubt a healthy body raises the chances of a healthy brain exponentially.

Call 302-249-8000 to discuss further!!!


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