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Fall festival season is here!

By Billie Criswell | Sep 26, 2013
Source: File It’s time for punkin chunkers to rejoice. The World Championship Punkin Chunkin competition is set for Nov. 1-3 in Bridgeville.  Tickets are on sale now at

Here we are once again: the beginning of fall and the end of another great Beach Paper season!

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It’s been quite the eventful summer between heavy tourism and funky weather (mainly weird, rainy interludes and lower-than-normal temperatures). But, we made it through and I hope you all had as much fun living at the beach this summer as I did.

Now we are poised to enjoy all the staples our fall season has to offer (even if it did sneak up on us just a little bit).

Now that fall is officially here, you all have got to know what that means...fall festivals! Fall at the beach means gatherings, sales, and lots of locals.

We’ve got the sidewalk sales (my personal favorites), Boast the Coast and Coast Day, the Sea Witch Festival, the Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival, Punkin Chunkin and the Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival all on the horizon. That’s enough to keep you busy up to nearly Thanksgiving, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself too much, even if I am excited.

As you break out the boots, the jeans, and long sleeves, take time to enjoy the seasons change. Note the falling leaves, the coolness of the wind as it brings a subtle scent of winter on it, and the crisp crunch of fall apples.

I always enjoy the way that the tourism season slows down and I feel that fresh burst of energy. Fall invites me to wind up, not down, because I know that this is when people are less busy with work. That’s when it’s time to fill the social calendar.

I’m ready to light a good fire in my fire pit, make some warm apple cider and break out my crock pot (which I have vowed to finally learn to use this winter).

Even though I’m all excited for all the fall and winter activities that lie ahead, there is something bittersweet each year that accompanies writing my last column for Beach Paper. One would think that by my third year at this, I would have it down, but I guess I’m just bad with goodbyes.

So instead of saying goodbye to you all for the winter, I’ll say so long for now. The month of May will soon be here again, and we’ll all being saying our summer hellos.

Until then, keep enjoying the beach, which is beautiful no matter the season. Don’t forget to pick up the Cape Gazette...maybe even check in with me on my blog.

Happy fall everyone! It’s been a great summer.

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