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Film festival announcement appalling

By Helen W. Gates | May 01, 2014

As a member of the Rehoboth Beach Film Society for the past eight years I was shocked last week to learn Movies at Midway has cancelled four of the usual eight theaters used for the November film festival.  They have also announced that zero theaters will be available for the 2015 festival.  This year will be the 17th annual festival.  It is one of the most popular arts events in our area.

It is beyond my comprehension why they felt this necessary.  First, the RBFS rents those theaters for the event.  Second, the festival is in early November, low season.

Third, I have been in those theaters afternoons in the off season - attendance is low.

Fourth, the festival brings in thousands of people from all over the U.S.

The festival benefits our local businesses.  (People even buy food and drinks at their concession.)  This is normally a slow weekend, and the film festival makes it profitable for the entire community.

Many attendees from other states have told me that they favor this festival because it is at one venue.  Movies at Midway, please support the arts and rethink this unbelievable decision.  Thank you!

Helen W. Gates

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