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Firearms not the solution for dogs, humans

By Suellen Gallamore | Dec 21, 2012

I am compelled to write this letter regarding the husky puppy who was shot,
especially in light of the horrific events in Newtown.

I don't understand why this beautiful animal, who was only doing what animals do naturally - hunting for food - had to be destroyed.  Why wasn't animal control, or the sheriff's office, called?  The outcome might have been quite different and a family would have been spared the loss of their beloved pet.

The problem with gun ownership is that those who have access to them often use their weapon as a first-resort problem solver, when perhaps a less devastating, and final, solution might very well have been employed.

Suellen Gallamore
Rehoboth Beach

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Posted by: Barry Wayne Price | Dec 21, 2012 08:15

This incident and Newtown have nothing to do with one another. It is a stretch indeed to link the two.

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