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Fitness Friday: Dance it off

By Rachel Swick Mavity | Mar 16, 2012
Source: Google images Shake your booty and get in shape with your kids.

Remember when we were in college and there was nothing better than dancing the night away with your girlfriends? Why lose those fun times just because you're a mom? There's still time to dance.

Grab the kids, turn on some classic rock and pull out your air guitar - dancing can be fun and exercise.

While dancing, pick your baby up from the floor and toss him in the air to work those core muscles and give him a thrill.

Touch your toes, shake your booty and feel the burn. Dancing can work up a sweat, but is also fun for the whole family. Stretch to the extremes of movement by going outside your comfort area. Bend your knees, do some high kicks and do your best "Saturday Night Fever" impression.

Get down to baby's level and work those thighs.

After 10 to 15 minutes, start cooling down. When finished enjoy a glass of cool water with the kids. Teaching them that working out is fun can make them healthier as well. And, teaching that water is the best drink after an activity is a bonus.

Children mimic us in all we do, so make sure to set a good example any time you can.

Have a great weekend in the kingdom of drool!


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