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Fitness Friday: Like running with a friend

By Rachel Swick Mavity | Mar 01, 2013
Source: screenshot Many phone apps can help spur you to better performance on your workouts. Here are the results from my recent walk.

It's like running with a friend – a very pushy, yet informative friend.

That's how I feel about a new app I downloaded to my phone. It's called Runkeeper and it documents each run or walk or kayak trip you take.

First you create an account, then once you are logged in, you can choose your activity. There are lots of options, including hiking, downhill skiing and swimming. Although I am not sure taking your phone into the pool would be recommended.

I used it for the first time this week as I walked. It kept track of the path I walked (in case I got lost), and also monitored my speed and distance. Every five minutes, the app pipes up with your stats, including how long you've been walking.

It's like walking with a friend, although this friend may make you want to go faster. At least that's how I felt. When it told me my speed, I thought, well I can go faster than that!

I think that's important when downloading an app. There are so many to choose from, it helps when you choose one that actually spurs you to be better.

In addition, Runkeeper is connected to a website, so you can monitor your progress and information online.

What are your favorite health apps?



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