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Fitness Friday: Remember those who served

By Rachel Swick Mavity | May 25, 2012
Source: images Don't forget to work out in between all the hot dogs and potato salad of Memorial Day weekend. Also remember to thank those who have served.

Welcome to Memorial Day weekend droolers. This weekend (and during the rest of the year), remember those who have served our country in all branches of the armed forces.

These men and women go forth into the unknown - something that the rest of us only experience when taking off that first diaper of the morning.

They serve and protect all citizens of the United States. It is not a small feat. Let us try to honor and respect all soldiers, but let us also remember they have families at home waiting for them. As a community, we need to remember to take care of those families as well.

Home-based boot camp

Working out at home has its perks - you can workout in bare feet, not worry about looking like a fool and curse at the television, if necessary.

Quick boot camp-style workouts can easily fit into anyone's schedule, so today here is one inspired by the military.



• 10 pushups

• 10 crunches

• 10 wide pushups (with hands wider than shoulders)

• 10 crunches

• 10 tricep pushups (with elbows on floor)

• 10 left/right crunches (bringing opposite leg up and alternating every other crunch)


Run or walk as far and as fast as you can in 10 minutes.


Repeat the Start instructions.

Cool down with a slow walk around the yard, followed by cool water.


Have a great Memorial Day weekend - see you back here on Memorial Day Monday. Keep it real in the kingdom of drool.

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