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Flood has skewed definition of democracy

By Geary Foertsch | Oct 11, 2013

In reading Don Flood's Oct. 1, column on democracy, I was amused that he uses the author of "Charlotte's Web" and other childrens' stories to preach to us about the definition of democracy and, of course, to bludgeon Republicans for not falling in line without dissent until the next election. What drivel.

The lowest point of his muttled reasoning was implying that Republicans, especially Tea Party members, "don't believe in democracy" because they oppose raising the debt limit beyond $17 trillion! In other words, to Don adding more unaffordable debt is democracy in action; cutting spending and debt is irresponsible.

I think H.L. Mencken is a more apt commentator on democracy and especially liberty. He said, "Liberals advocate only certain kinds of liberty... that is, for the persons they happen to favor. The rights of others do not seem to interest them...The liberty to have and hold property is not one that they recognize. They believe only in the liberty to envy, hate and loot the man who has it."

Looting our liberty and property (dollars) by forcing us to buy a product (Obamacare), debasement of our currency and purchasing power by the Federal Reserve with near zero return on savings and bloated spending especially on failed subsidies (Fisker, Solyndra) to liberal friends are some current examples of what Mencken was talking about back in 1925.

But, that's democracy in Don Flood's world.

Geary Foertsch

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