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Shows add to Jazz Fest experience

Oct 20, 2013
Photo by: Nick Roth Dan Marakowski enjoys himself while playing the accordion for the Fralinger String Band at the Village of Five Points Oct. 19.

A day of family fun at the Village at Five Points was just one of many peripheral events of the Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival weekend in the Cape Region

A light rain did not stop mummers from the Woodland and Fralinger string bands from playing to a large crowd. The event also featured a variety of food vendors and musical performances throughout the day.

The two string bands competed against one another, and when all was said and done, Fralinger came out victorious. Between songs, Fralinger's Chris Lawler tried to win over the crowd by saying the Woodland band was full of Dallas Cowboys fans. During Woodland's performance, Tom Loomis countered by saying Fralinger was playing for the Cowboys Sunday morning then the Giants next weekend.

Fralinger and Woodland each have storied histories in Philadelphia. Fralinger was formed in December 1918 in South Philly. The group has traveled throughout the country and world since. Fralinger won eight consecutive first prizes at the Mummers Day Parade in Philadelphia from 2003-2010.

Woodland was established in February 1926 in southwest Philly. It has performed in the Mummers Day Parade every year since 1927. It won top prize in the 2012 parade and finished third in 2013.

Chris Lawler of the Fralinger String Band plays the banjo during the Five Points festivities. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
The Fralinger String Band invited members of the audience to take photos with the band throughout the show. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
The Fralinger String Band ended its performance by encouraging crowd participation for the final song. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
An audience member snaps a photo of the band. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Woodland String Band President Tom Loomis hypes up the crowd between songs. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
The Woodland String Band continued the mummer tradition of elaborate costumes. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
The Woodland String Band had a dancer out in front of the band during its entire performance, keeping the crowd entertained and involved. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
The Woodland String Band is a colorful group, in both personality and attire. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
A light rain did not deter people from coming out to see the Mummers perform at the Village at Five Points. (Photo by: Nick Roth)
Ed Shockley and Kevin Short of the Reminders played at the Bethany Blues Jazz Brunch Oct. 20.
John Thompson of the Reminders onstage at Bethany Blues Gospel Jazz Brunch Oct 20.
The Reminders
Ed Shockley
All Saints church hosted the Hood College Choir during mass Oct.19.
Soloist Andre McRae sings with the All Saints Choir during the eucharist. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Trio during All Saints mass was Tony Nalker on keyboards, Blake Meister on bass and on sax Elijah Balbed.
Vocalist Viki Dee performed during the Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival Closing Party Oct. 20 at Delaware Distilling Company. (Photo by: Steven Billups)
Jazz guitarist Matt Marshak jams at the Rehoboth Jazz Festival's official closing party at Delaware Distilling Company. (Photo by: Steven Billups)
Oh Boy!, A Tribute to Buddy Holly played at Epworth on Oct. 19. Shown are (l-r) Mike Long, Walt Hetfield, Ken Schleifer and Barry Eli. (Photo by: Steven Billups)
A number of musicians took the stage at the Rehoboth Jazz Festival Closing Party. Shown playing together are (l-r) Marcus Anderson, Elon Trotman and Joey Summerfield. (Photo by: Steven Billups)
Elon Trotman, left, and Marcus Anderson entertain the packed house at the Delaware Distillery Company at the Official Closing Party. (Photo by: Steven Billups)
Elon Trotman steps out from the stage, thrilling the front row at the Delaware Distillery Company. (Photo by: Steven Billups)
Alex Bugnon sat in at the closing party jam at Delaware Distilling Company. (Photo by: Steven Billups)
Davina Sowers of Davina and the Vagabonds wows the crowd Oct. 19 at Bethany Blues. (Photo by: Steven Billups)
Andrew Burns with Davina and the Vagabonds breaks out the bow on his upright bass at Bethany Blues. (Photo by: Steven Billups)
Dan Eikmeier mutes his trumpet during the unique blues show by Davina and the Vagabonds. (Photo by: Steven Billups)
Geoff Galante, a 13-year old trumpet prodigy wows the crowd at the Atlantic Boardwalk Grille with the Eddie Sherman Band during the True Blue Jazz Series. (Photo by: Steven Billups)
KJ Denhert and the New York Unit took the stage at the True Blue Jazz Series at the Atlantic Boardwalk Grille on Saturday, Oct 19. Shown are (l-r) Denhert, Aaron Heick and Adam Klipple. (Photo by: Steven Billups)
Eddie Sherman and Peggy Raley sing a duet Oct. 18 during the Eddie Sherman Show’s True Blue Jazz series at the Atlantic Boardwalk Grille. (Photo by: Steven Billups)
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