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Free Writes: Not just for writers

By Billie Criswell | Jun 20, 2013

I believe we all have a writer in us. Everyone's story is fascinating in its own way. Each week I'm reminded of this when I walk into the Free Writes hosted by the Rehoboth Beach Writer’s Guild.

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This was never more evident than when I recently took my mother-in-law to a Free Write.

Before we went, she was clear with me.  “I am not a very good writer,” she said. “I’m a math person.”

One thing I've learned from Free Writes is there is no such thing as a bad writer. There are different writing styles. Once you get to know someone’s style, you can see beauty in it. Whether they're writing an ongoing story, a short nonfiction blurb, or complete and utter chaotic yarn.

Monday - Rehoboth Beach Library, 8 to 9:55 a.m.
Wednesday - Lewes Library, 6 to 7:30 p.m.
Friday - Super G, Millville, 9 to 11 a.m.
Saturday - Rehoboth Beach Library, 8 to 9:55 a.m.

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The concept of the Free Writes is simple: Do a short reading; give a prompt and then  write for about four minutes. When everyone is done writing, everyone shares their work. When my mother-in-law was getting ready to read her first piece, I was nervous for her. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Her piece was beautiful. It was simple, succinct and full of feeling. And so were her second and third pieces.

It reminded me that everyone is a born storyteller. Everyone has a creative seed within them. The Free Writes bring those qualities out, even if they've been dormant for years.

You never know who will show up, and it’s always a great time hearing fictional fantasies, or true-to-life stories that move you and remind you what it is to share something.

Free Writes aren’t for professional writers, though some may show up from time to time. The mission of the Rehoboth Beach Writer’s Guild is to inspire the writer in all of us, and they are doing it weekly.

If you’ve ever thought about attending, now is the perfect time.

Since I started going I learned to embrace my writing style and listen to others with a deeper appreciation.

There are four weekly Free Writes in our area. Why not check one out and see where your stories lead you?

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