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Friends of Dewey promotes the town

By David Ferry | Jan 02, 2013

On Dec. 21 you published a letter from former Dewey Beach Commissioner Marty Seitz that stated the focus of Friends of Dewey is on denigrating the current administration with no concern for facts. The claim of Mr. Seitz is incorrect. Friends of Dewey has simply reported in its newsletter what was written by another person to the Cape Gazette. Mr. Seitz knows that.

What his letter shows is that his organization, Citizens to Preserve Dewey, is once again attacking anyone who does not agree with their relentless battle over Ruddertowne, a battle that has nearly destroyed the Town of Dewey Beach.

Friends of Dewey is an organization that promotes Dewey Beach, has already accomplished much good in the short time it has been in existence, and will continue to promote the Town of Dewey Beach.

David Ferry
Dewey Beach

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