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Fun factor and winning go together in high school sports

By Dave Frederick | May 18, 2012
Photo by: Le Casey Cannon is one of the top Division II pitchers in the nation.

Specialty sport - There are only so many female athletes to go around in the spring, and the better ones - and yes, some kids excel at whatever they are playing - are crucial to a successful program. Cape has lacrosse and track that will challenge for a state championship every spring. Soccer is just fun to play -  admittedly hard to watch if you don't have a relative on the field - and can claim two solid programs, including an undefeated junior varsity team.   I now see softball as a specialty sport; it is its own culture with lots of travel teams and pitching coaches for hire, but at many schools, it is fading. There are lots of reasons, but when dealing with high school athletes and participation in a particular sport, just say “fun factor” and stop there. Fast friends tend to join the same team; nothing else makes sense. Cape has always had great girl athletes - must be the salt air - but it's also about opportunity and high expectations. Swing, batter!

Casey Cannon - Casey, a junior, is a 6-foot-5-inch, 205-pound right-handed pitcher for the Division II Le Moyne College Dolphins and a major league prospect. He has a record of 9-0 with a 1.15 ERA and 57 strikeouts. So why should Cape Gazette readers care? Casey is the son of Mike Cannon, who served a long stint on the Rehoboth Beach Patrol, as did his brother Pat and his late brother Jeff, who was an RBP captain. They are all part of the Sigma Nu crew that permeates the nation drinking beer from paper cups. Jeff married Tina Clifford, who used to be director of fitness or aquatics or something at the Rehoboth Y.  Kelly Cannon is a brother, an uncle to Casey, and of course, his daughter Kellen is the leading lacrosse scorer for Sussex Tech and a first cousin to Casey. Kellen's maternal aunt is Megan Fullmer, who was a great lacrosse player at Cape in the early years; Megan is not Casey's aunt but she's somebody.  Now I'm back! LeMoyne was scheduled to play Wilmington University in the NCAA Division II tournament May 17.

Concussion discussions - Does relentless talking about head injuries in particular sports eventually cause a drop-off in participation levels? Question asked and answered. Usually it's a young man saying, “My mom won't let me play football,” which is another way of saying, “I don't want to play, either.” The sports associated with most traumatic head injuries are biking - accident usually involves a truck - swimming without a lifeguard, skiing and cheerleading. Here's an actual quote: “Some studies show that patients who suffer a concussion appear to have the brain activity of people in a coma.” I played with some of those guys. Friday night football is like the best sport, and as a sideline reporter, when flow comes my way I quickly spring for the back row of cheerleaders, figuring the front row gets mowed down before they get to me.

Snippets - The baseball boosters are holding a fundraiser at J.D. Shuckers Friday, May 18.  It's an Elvis show, and you just can't have enough of those.
The DIAA track and field championships will be held this Friday and Saturday, May 18 and 19, at Caesar Rodney High School. Friday action is mostly for trials, although there are track finals in the 4-by-800-meter relay and 3,200-meter runs.  Field event finals on Friday for girls are pole vault, long jump and discus, and for boys, the long jump, shot put and high jump. Finals in all the remaining running events and field events begin at 11:30 a.m., Saturday, May 19.

Chuck Brown, the Godfather of Go-go, died this week in Washington, D.C. He was 75. I remember back in 1979 Grand Mom Rose popping up from her rocker and shouting, “I feel like Bustin' Loose!” I ran; I didn't want to get hit by whatever came loose.

High school teams from Bloomsburg, Pa., and Severna Park, Md., have been added to the fall field hockey schedule for Cape. Archbishop Spalding has been added to the football schedule, replacing Cape May; so much for all the crossing-the-bay hype. Go on now, git!

The Godfather of Go-go started in Washington, D.C. (Photo by: )
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