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Fun Fit Vibe at Delaware State Fair! Please Stop by the Exhibit Hall booth number 4 & visit with Greg & Karen, Scot, Dave or Blake to learn how we offer "Hope & Health through Strength & Nutrition".

Delaware State Fair Grounds, Harrington, DE
also 1604 Savannah Road, Lewes & 158 Central, Millville, DE
Greg Mervine
Jul 24, 2014
11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Photo by: Greg Mervine Our 2014 Booth in the Exhibit Hall at the Delaware State Fair - Please come & visit in person TODAY!

Delaware's Health Care Crises starts with preventative care & continues with restorative care - best done prior to needing any kind of expensive health care services & continued after all insurances covered care are exhausted. An emergency happens quick & your benefits are used quickly - then what do you do? If you are like me & my parents who have used up all insurance benefits you realize "If I do not take care of me - no one else will". Or as our clients like to say "If I would do this for my kids or my pet - why would I not Fun Fit Vibe for myself?". There literally is no reason to not take care of yourself. Taking good care of yourself now & in recovery is the least expensive care. Co-pays & patient responsible fees are ever increasing - just visit the hospital & get stuck with the cost of an "Observation" rather than being admitted. Insurance - including Medicare does not pay for what the hospital team determines is an "observation" stay…then the bill & the collectors come after you. You & your whole family is forced into action to fight for a full admittance. Crazy but true - I just went through it with my parents…as the medical records person assured me "its all business" at the hospital & therapies afterward. Well let me assure you we are all business to stay out of needing the hospital & therapies again.

Come see our booth & discuss the best & easiest way to stay healthy in Delaware at Fun Fit Vibe. Whatever you be BE STRONG! The easiest way to be strong is at Fun Fit Vibe - 302-249-8000, at the State Fair this week, 1604 Savannah Road in Lewes & 158 Central, Millville DE - All by appointment to better serve YOU.

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