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Fun Fit Vibe…name explained!

By Fun Fit Vibe | Dec 13, 2013

Yes our name says it all … if you have an understanding of those 3 words...

Fun…As client first & now as coach - I want to have Fun - whatever I do! Yes we are glass half full type of people. If I am not having Fun, I do not want to do it. As a customer & as a coach I love the Fun we have getting our lives back!!!

FitFitness sneaks up on you as we are having Fun - what a great result!!!

Vibea healthy vibe is what we all need to weather the storms of life & if being uplifted is something you enjoy - you need to be here! Healthy body - healthy mind!! Utilizing the cutting edge of Fitness Technology - Fun Fit Vibe's Power Plate customized protocols will allow you to maximize the use of whole body vibration. If you want to be healthy - hang around healthy people!!!

Call Greg at 302-249-8000 for a free demonstration & a free Fun Fit Food meal with a full demonstration - the more people who realize what a resource is available to them here in Lewes the better!!! You never know who's life you might bless being informedyes about Power Plate but as one business leader said this week "I did not realize you a have a person one on one with you the whole 30 minutes"they only heard it every week for a year but really never realized the benefit!!!

Call today!!!

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