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Funland closes for one day to honor founder Jean Fasnacht

'Rehoboth not Rehoboth without Funland'
Aug 29, 2013
On her first day visiting her grandparents, Lizzy Loring, 2, was promised Funland rides. She was comforted by mom-mom Karen Dill who promised they would try again Wednesday.

Teary-eyed adults and bummed-out kids passed the shuttered doors of Funland on the Boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach Aug. 20, many saying they could not remember it ever being closed on a summer evening.

But closed it was to allow family members and employees a day to mourn and celebrate the life of founder Jean Fasnacht, who passed away at her Rehoboth home Aug. 11.

Makeshift memorials and small signs told the story of the woman who had been a constant presence at the park and a mother to thousands of young people who worked at the park over the years.

As visitor Mazzie Mattson of Wilmington put it, "They should close it on the day of her funeral out of respect for her; it's the right thing to do."


Like a scene from the winter, Funland's doors were closed Aug. 20 for a celebration of the life of Jean Fasnacht at First United Methodist Church in Hershey, Pa. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Impromptu memorials in the form of cards, notes and a wreath were placed on the doors. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Joe Greble of New Jersey reads a letter left by someone who had fond memories of Jean. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
A note with embellishments remembering Jean and Funland. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
A letter to the Fasnacht family reveals the memories held by three generations of a family that now lives in New York and South Carolina. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Zack Shortlidge, left, Marlaina Prater and Bryana Batter were startled by the closure until they read the note that Funland was closed to honor Fasnacht. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
A thank you note for Jean. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
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