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Give credit where credit is due

By Maxine McWhorter Ungerbuehler | May 10, 2013

Concerning the Women's Health Pavilion at Beebe Medical Center:

Babies are such delightful little folks. In families, we hear the announcement of their anticipated arrival. Some hearts flutter with joy with the news and there is rejoicing that there will be new life.

There are those families who have the very first fetal pictures shared with them.

Sometimes, there is the privilege of having our hands placed over their hearts while they are still in the womb- and feel the miracle of one swift kick! We take for granted that they will arrive in the world perfect. Unfortunately, for some little ones there are challenges. Who, outside of family members (if there are any),

comforts the mothers? Who monitors the babies and stand vigil over them. Who with compassion, and the tender touch of simple love, remain diligent with medications, applications, accurate record keeping and understanding of their needs.

Who whispers happy thoughts to them and cheers them on to the victory of survival? In our case, the whos were the exemplary nursing staff of the Women's Health Pavilion of Beebe Medical Center. One could not have asked for any finer group of professional health providers. Not only did they give 110 percent to the needs of this newborn, but they were welcoming to me each and every day - being positive and encouraging.

I spent five days, hours each day, in the presence of this wonderful staff. Pressing, with permission, an innocent to my heart. There are few lullabys or prayers he didn't hear. He left Beebe Medical Center as his needs intensified.

Whatever is his destiny, I will never forget the gift of love, kindness and compassion which surrounded this precious little soul during the first seven days of his life.

I would like to thank Pastor Bill Hopkins from Groome United Methodist Church for his visit to mother and child.

Thanks to the members of our community of friends for their ongoing prayers.

Maxine McWhorter Ungerbuehler

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