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Go elsewhere than Dewey to sleep

By Harry Caswell | Aug 03, 2013

Mr. Murray: in response to your letter.  I have been living here in Rehoboth since 1985 as a plumbing contractor, and Dewey has been party central since before that. This is the first time I ever heard Dewey wants to sleep, ha-ha. Steve Montgomery is a businessman any town would love to have.  He puts so much of his profit back to the community, along with other bar owners in Dewey.

How would the town afford to process all the inebriated patrons through the legal system?  These people are adults and are responsible for their own actions. Remember, Monty is not a babysitter; he is a good businessman, and I know for a fact he loves Dewey and cares about his neighbors. Let’s face it -  everybody knows if you want to party in Delaware, head to Dewey Beach. It’s not a good place to buy a home if you want to sleep, sorry. I’m sure they will find some solution to the gross receipts tax - they always do.

Harry Caswell
Rehoboth Beach

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