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Godspeed Cape Gazette publisher

By R.P. Moffa | Jul 29, 2013

Earlier this morning, I met your publisher, (Mr. Forney?) and his wife, sheltering from a downpour in a shelter near Hoover Dam in Westerville, Ohio. We had a nice conversation before the weather moderated a bit, and they mounted their bikes and headed east, across the dam, towards tonight's stop in Newark, Ohio.

It was a pleasure to meet them, and I wish them well in completing their journey, all the way from Astoria, Oregon, an especially impressive feat at 63 years old!

Here I only had to make it a mile or so north from the shelter to my home as the rain let up and the sun peeked through the clouds, shortly after they left. (Then again, I am their senior, if you will, hitting my 67th year tomorrow.)

As I told them, I'm somewhat familiar with the Lewes area, having taken the ferry to Cape May years ago, and spent many summers on the Jersey Shore when I was growing up just north of New York City.

We'll be beating them to the East Coast shortly, as we head to the shore just south of Atlantic City. We're looking forward to the beach and that wonderful sea air.

Godspeed to them.

R.P. Moffa
Westerville, Ohio

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