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Good Dog Inn to host open house Oct. 7

Owner doggone pleased with renovations, invites public to tour cageless boarding facility.
By Molly MacMillan | Oct 04, 2012
Photo by: Molly MacMillan Mac, a lab/beagle mix boarding at the Good Dog Inn, goes nose-to-nose with owner Becky Schellenger's Maltese/Yorkie rescue, Gypsie, in the Good Dog Inn accommodations.

When owners leave, even temporarily, dogs are often confused when they are kenneled and caged by themselves in a garage-like boarding facility, Good Dog Inn owner Becky Schellenger said.

Her accommodations, however, look more like a cozy living room than a kennel, complete with couches, chairs, toys, pictures of beloved pets and one cage, with an open-door policy.

"I just keep in mind that a dog is a pack animal, and the worst thing you can do to a pack animal is shun them," Schellenger said. “There are some dogs who are older who don’t want to socialize as much. It’s all about just keeping it really flexible.”

Since 2008, when she retired from her job in the family insurance business and decided to open a canine boarding facility in the pole-barn structure behind her home, Schellenger said the unorthodox kennel has gone through some modifications.

She recently added a large dog yard as well as a utility room for her own cleanup and maintenance to open up the rest of the barn for her boarders, up to six at a time, who may share one of the partitioned lounge areas or have one of their own, depending on the temperament of the canines boarding at any one time.

Now that all the renovations have been completed and the inn is back, new and improved, Schellenger will host an open house to invite the public to check out the Good Dog Inn at 28313 Johnson Road, Georgetown. The inn is open seven days weekly, and the owner said every day she takes the dogs for walks through the wooded areas around her home for exercise and to check on their well-being, and then lets them out to play in her dog yards.

Owners are asked to bring food for their pups, and sometimes a favorite toy or a shirt that smells like their owner, but otherwise, Schellenger said, she provides everything a pet will need during the stay.

“That’s the only thing people need to bring - their own food,” she said. “Changing food can cause upset tummies, and I’m a big advocate of wellness.”

For the upcoming open house from 2 to 4 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 7, Schellenger said she will be offering door prizes, dog treats, bags, gift cards and refreshments.

“I wanted to do something for my customers and the public to let them know I’m here,” she said. “I’m getting a very regular clientele, but I’d like to see the business grow a little.”

For more information about the Good Dog Inn or the upcoming open house, call 302-947-1745 or visit the Good Dog Inn LLC page on Facebook.

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