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Gratitude and weight loss?

By Nutritional Path | Dec 02, 2013

How does gratitude play into the weight loss game?


Sometimes when we have a very busy schedule or life gives us a few lemons along the way, it can be the furthest thing from our minds to take a moment to be grateful.  But I have found that a moment of gratitude can open many doors, not just in real life, but in our hearts life. " It is like a shortcut to feeling better right away" ( Dr.Brook Kalanick, Naturopathic doctor).  It can make a difference in how we view the world.  It also gives you perspective.   Just when you are ready to throw in the towel or give up, take a moment to think of all that you have in your life that is working for you, then everything else can fall by the wayside.

  Can it help you lose weight?   I believe it can.   So many times I hear people tell me what they haven’t done right; well I want to know, what you have done right?  Does it seem too small to mention?  If it is a behavior that is new and beneficial for you, then let’s be happy about that.  Drinking more water, adding that green tea, getting up earlier to exercise?  Every good thing can be a moment for gratitude.  It doesn’t have to be big for you to be thankful.  Having an attitude of gratitude carries with it mini miracles.

So when things get a little crazy this season, stop and take a moment for gratitude.  Let these moments propel you forward and help you build many moments to be thankful for.

Lesslee Belmore

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