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Great way to start new year by investing in our own health bank - reach beyond money & make it real with your time. Make it FUN & EASY to stick with it. Play all the games you enjoy on Power Plate.

By Fun Fit Vibe | Jan 01, 2014
Source: Public Display at Hard Rock Casino

Picture with me if you will continuing to lay out in the fairway a beautiful golf drive, a strike bowled down the middle, the perfect game of darts, quarter backing your football team to victory, hitting home runs out of the baseball park, acing your tennis opponent, skiing the downhill races, boxing, hula hooping and dancing. Anything you have enjoyed you can do as you strength train.

Flexibility is mobility with regards to keeping your body moving. Certainly Newtons first law alludes to the fact that "A body in motion tends to stay in motion".

Why not do it the easiest & fastest way possible to be sure it becomes a part of your lifestyle?

The other reality is that consistency wins. Make sure you do as discussed this morning on Good Morning America - "let a professional handle your health - which includes your level of fitness". Even if it is zero.

A lot of people are realizing that they have another generation to enjoy by living another 20 years. And by that time as long as we are strong there will be lots of medical discoveries that will continue to extend our health span.

So many great entertainers have all the resources to live for a long time but they don't … except Jack LaLane who enjoyed 98 active years.

That is the key we can have all the money but with out actually doing it - investing the time in keeping our body strong - we are destined to be caught short by being too weak to continue an active health span.

It is time to resolve & DO what it takes to build lean muscle mass - which is easy to do past 100 years old at Fun Fit Vibe. Never forget you are the boss of your lean muscle mass - which is the number one indicator of longevity. Happy New Year - Happy Health Span Extension!!!

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