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Grip Strength is critical to balancing oneself. We don't know we have lost grip strength until it's too late.

By Fun Fit Vibe | Dec 22, 2013

Coming from the healthcare field - it was surprising to me that the number one reason for falls in a healthcare facility is not having the grip strength to keep oneself upright.

Amazingly, this seemingly critical muscle is forgotten about until it is too late. The best way to get ahead of a crisis is to act NOW & strengthen your grip strength & forearms.

The picture is literally of me relaxing and squeezing my hand with my forearm on the Power Plate…that really accelerates the benefits of this simple exercise.

Imagine your muscles contracting & relaxing 25-50 times per second - literally recruiting 95% of your muscle fibers. That makes you strong now…acceleration is vitally important when you need your grip strength NOW.

Don't let life surprise you, when you reach out to grab a handrail - know that your body will be stabilized by having a strong grip.

Fun Fit Vibe offers "Hope & Health through Strength through Nutrition".

If you would do this for your kids, your pets or your parents…why wouldn't you invest in your own health & wellness by getting stronger?

Call Greg at 302-249-8000, we both will be glad you did!!!

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