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Gun Free School zones a laugh

By Richard McKinley | Mar 16, 2013

Congratulations to Democratic Gov. Jack Markell.  I'm sure the progressive thinking of his proposed legislation to make schools Gun Free School Zones will be strictly adhered to by those with emotional/anger issues and those with evil intent.

Why not call these  zones what they really are, Groups of Defenseless Children Brought To You By Our Dear Leader.  Now I hear that  the Gun Free School Zone extends 1,000 feet from a school.  Many public roads and private homes are well within a thousand feet of a school; do law abiding citizens now need to find new homes and alternative routes?

Perhaps after this well thought out proposal is passed, Gov. Markell can turn his thoughts to usurping other rights of the citizens.  Let's make sure we continue the proud tradition of keeping politicians with this level of forethought in office!

Mike Castle's support - come on, the people spoke very clearly in the last election.  We no longer believe Mr. Castle has the welfare of the citizens at heart.  Forget party affiliation, you should, as an educated adult, know better.

This is so beneath what the citizens of Delaware put you in office for and we deserve far better.

Richard McKinley

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