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Harbor Point: Let the buyer beware

By Eunice Henderson | Aug 14, 2014

I was shocked and repulsed by the reported response of the Harbor Point developer’s attorney to questions posed by a member of the Lewes Planning Commission.

When asked, “Are we encouraging people to live in places that are unsafe? ...What is our responsibility to people moving into to this community?” the attorney reportedly responded, “new residents know the risks.” He offered his belief that people who buy property in this area have some idea of what they are buying.

The attorney’s response appeared to suggest that the planning commission ignore the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control’s concerns about building a development on the 108-acre parcel off New Road that is bordered by the Canary Creek community, the Great Marsh and wetlands.

Sea-level rise combined with periodic coastal flooding events may result in repetitive flood damages to homes and significant difficulties maintaining a drainage infrastructure. We already know that some backyards of current residents on Hoornkill Avenue flood during storms.

To ignore the high potential for flooding, safety, and reductions in property values would be irresponsible.

Given the attorney’s stated positions, concerns raised by DNREC, and our own decency, the Lewes Planning Commission should reject this proposal for a Harbor Point subdivision.

Eunice Henderson

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