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HB 105  opens door to voter fraud

By Theresa Garcia | May 25, 2013

I have to wonder, what is the rush to pass HB 105. I also have to wonder why this is even being considered.

There is no lack of opportunity for registration ahead of time; at the DMV, and at every major event, there is a table to register people.  It opens the door for serious lawsuits, especially in close elections, tying up the courts.

Proof of residency is very casual in this bill, leaving no chance for those who treasure their own voting privilege to check on the eligibility of those registered.  What does a utility bill prove other then someone has electricity! How does this translate into identification?

I voted in the recent school board elections. I had to show a picture ID! And I had to sign something saying I was eligible to vote. We don't even have that for primaries and general elections.

Instead of loosening the requirements for voting, I believe that we need to tighten them. I take my duty to vote very seriously. Please contact your state Senator and Representative and urge them to vote no to HB 105.

Theresa Garcia

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