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Help one another to keep kids safe

By Michael Chamberland | Dec 21, 2012

As the media keeps us up to date on the latest school shooting tragedy, it is natural for us to begin to ask the question why? How could these types of horrific events continue in our great nation with such widespread effect into our homes? No doubt many of you are facing difficult questions from your children who are aware of what has happened.

Sadly, events such as the shootings in Colorado and now Connecticut are fodder for the crowds who follow conspiracy theory and devour hyped up opinions and rhetoric from local and national talk shows. I have heard such vast amounts of nonsense that the real emphasis on healing and education seems to have fallen back to outlets that thrive on pumping up our fears.

It is more than obvious that school districts across the nation need to evaluate their safety and security procedures. Parents face a difficult choice of talking with their children or shielding them from news story coverage of these types of tragedies. I would urge everyone to pay no attention to sensationalized stories in any format that have the single goal of pushing a political agenda.

Sussex County is composed of wonderful citizens and communities that have a long history of coming together in trying and jubilant times. I would ask that we continue this trend and come together once again to help one another cope and keep our children safe.

Michael Chamberland
The EDGE Martial Arts Academy

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