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Henlopen Acres bullying the art league

Apr 05, 2013

I am embarrassed as a resident of Sussex County to read that we have citizens who would threaten legal action against a group - Rehoboth Art League - that is trying to do something to promote healing for survivors of some unspeakable horrors.

Our country made national headlines because of the hideous actions of pediatrician Earl Bradley. I would think residents of Henlopen Acres would be proud now to let it be known far and wide that some healing for those children and others who have survived abuse was scheduled to take place in their midst through some very refined, cultural activities organized by the Rehoboth Art League. Instead, they will bring further negative publicity to the area with their current stance.

Why do the residents of Henlopen Acres act as if they are hosting some kind of undesirables in their midst with the RAL and their very responsible, community-oriented activities, all conducted in a well-planned manner? I, for one, cannot understand their train of thought, or perhaps they just aren't thinking (clearly - or at all).

I say shame on those residents of Henlopen Acres who are a party to all of this nonsense. Being “privileged” due to affluence should not give anyone the right to bully, and it would appear that is what is happening here.

Patricia Casadei


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