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Herons, turbines, Rehoboth signs, northwest trees

By Dennis Forney | Dec 02, 2011
Photo by: Dennis Forney I made this photograph while looking up toward the tops of some soaring Sequoias or Douglas Firs in an arboretum in Portland, Oregon back in September.  Walking among these huge trees makes me feel like a character in a the Lord of the Rings.  Frodo and Rivendell and Bilbo Baggins and that happy lot.


November's wings were swift. December's days are short. We're still about 10 inches behind on rain and ducks and geese really haven't moved down in any great numbers yet.  Mild weather.

Here are some photos I've been sitting on for a while.  They all struck me either for their interest or beauty.

We're only a few weeks away from the solstice now and then the days will begin lengthening again.  In the mean time we'll be enjoying Christmas and the parade season.

So, I guess you didn't know there was a boarding school in Rehoboth?
At the Ice Cream Store in Rehoboth near the Boardwalk.  Chip's crazy isn't he?!? Crazy creative and fun.
So, these energy drinks with all their strange ingredients that most people have no idea what they really do. And isn't most of the so-called energy coming from caffeine? All of this weird stuff is being canned up and sold to our kids and marijuana's still illegal?!? We could balance the federal budget on the tax revenues that would come from legalizing pot.
I saw this heron alongside the Canary Creek bridge in Lewes.  There's a kinship somehow between the heron and the University of Delaware's wind turbine. They look a lot alike and green technology will ultimately benefit herons.
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