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Steppin' Up To The Plate

Hidden gems are worth searching for!

By The Rehoboth Foodie | Jul 04, 2013
Photo by: Foodie Don’t let those annoying trees keep you from Shorebreak Lodge’s Surf & Turf: crispy pork belly, dayboat scallops and risotto topped with pepita pesto.

Rehoboth Beach is rife with nooks and crannies where good food is served with a smile.

As part of my efforts to keep you chewin’, I’ve assembled a short-list of off-the-beaten-path delights. Remember, this is just the short list, so feel free to explore on your own.

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One of Wilmington Avenue’s best-kept secrets is the deliciously creative Shorebreak Lodge.

Long-time Rehoboth chef/owner Rob Stitt is known for his eclectic menus, so how can it be a secret? Well, each of Shorebreak Lodge’s two large signs is squarely blocked by a tree. No matter where you stand, the trees completely block the signs! Chef Rob should be commended for not just backing a truck over the offending plants. Help him continue to resist the urge by visiting Shorebreak Lodge at 10 Wilmington. You will not be disappointed.

Leo Cabrera’s Modern Mixture is on the ocean block of Rehoboth Avenue, but if you blink, you’ll miss it. You’ll also miss his crunchy chopped salads laced with fresh lime juice, his delicious burritos and Cubans, and his tamales. Look for the bright orange awning just a few doors east of First Street Station.

Tucked into a courtyard on Baltimore Avenue is none other than Lori’s Oy Vey Café. The outdoor seating is a clue to the overstuffed sandwiches that lurk between CAMP Rehoboth Community Center and Boxwood Home furniture. Treat yourself to her signature chicken salad and those amazing cookies.

Another hidden spot run by nice people is the subterranean Debacle restaurant under Celebration Mall. But owners Debra and Mike have wisely lifted Debacle up and into the sunlight, and now it’s one of the best places to nosh and people watch.  

Their new al fresco dining area is by the main entrance to the mall, near Morgan and Gower Cheesemongers.

Last and certainly not least is Zogg’s, across from Shorebreak Lodge on Wilmington Avenue. This is another place marked only by an awning. But beyond that awning is … Key West! Fried alligator (you’ll love it, trust me), live steel drums, perfect fish tacos and booze in the blender make Zogg’s the perfect place to recover when you blow out your flip flop by steppin’ on a pop top.

Have a great 4th! Eat. Explore. It’s good for you.

The Rehoboth Foodie is the author of the popular iPhone and Android travel app, Rehoboth In My Pocket. Arrive as a visitor, live like a local! Contact at

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