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Hot asphalt and cool kids make Lewes July 4th games a hit

Jul 08, 2013
Photo by: Dan Cook Hallie Schattall, 8, shows her talent and patriotism in the Hula Hoop competition during the annual July 4th Kids games on Second Street in Lewes.

More than 200 children of all ages took to the streets of downtown historic Lewes for the annual July 4th Kid Games. The kids participated in such traditional games as the three-legged race, sack race, potato relay, wheel barrow race, the drum roll, egg carry and toss and the new Hula Hoop competition.

Frank Shade emceed the annual event which gave two-dollar bills and silver dollars as prizes for the winners and other participants.


Frank Shade kept the fun going during the annual kid games. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Drake, 4, and Hunter, 2, O'Neill of Georgetown sport their patriotic mustaches and shirts at the kids games. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Shea Danahy, 5, gets a patriotic painted tattoo from "Cat" Flaherty. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Naiya Mainigi,10, and Sonia Walke,9, sprint out to the finish in the three legged race. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Allie Seibert, 2, takes the wheel of a Lewes fire truck. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Tessa Moore, 5, gets some air during the sack race. Tessa is visiting her grandmother Marsha Davis in Lewes. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Lainey Mullins, 7, pulls ahead of the pack during the sack race. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Cousins Riya Mainigi, left, 5, and Layla Walke, 4, take a break from the competition during the annual children's July 4 games. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Sisters Skyler, left, 13, and Georgia King,12, of Nashville, break their tie during the three-legged race. The sisters were in town visiting their grandmother Debi Dow-Fennimore. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Jillian Truesdell, 3, of Wilmington snags a spud during the potato race. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
A chorus line of tater grabbers snatches some starch during the potato race. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Mark Fields, right, of Texas shows his winning style while taking the top honors in the adult division sack race. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Ella Ruppert, 7, keeps an eye on her competition as she pushes partner Lindsay D'Ambrogi during the drum roll race. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
The adults heat up the asphalt during the wheelbarrow race. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Michelle Mast, right, drives her daughter Marissa during the adult wheelbarrow race. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Sarah Hunsicker, left, 13, powers to the finish with her driver Jordyn Virden,13, in the wheelbarrow race. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Paige Powell, 15, steers her friend Lexi Delcoco, 15, during the wheelbarrow race. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
They're off !!! Trying to not get scrambled are the participants in the egg carry race. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
"So you won, get up yourself," says Hank D'Ambrogi, left, 9, to his brother Luke,11, after the wheelbarrow race. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Nicole Maskery of New Jersey shows her talent in the adult Hula Hoop contest. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Lewes resident Barry Porter helps his granddaughter Brianna, 6, get ready for the drum roll contest. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Sonia Walke, 9, concentrates on her moves during the Hula Hoop competition. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Hank D'Ambrogi, 9, shakes it during the Hula Hoop competition. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Kids games emcee Frank Shade keeps the excitement building during the Hula Hoop competition. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Fiona Pando, 10, pushes her partner Anne Christopher during the drum roll competition. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Competition was intense during the sack race. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Brianna Porter, 6, looks for an opening during the sack race. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Payton Nowakowski,9, loses a flip flop but snags a spud during the potato race. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Lindsay D'Ambrogi, 7, top, and Ella Ruppert, 7, crash during the wheelbarrow race. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
A cool Eliza Bennett, 10, of Ohio concentrates on her turn during the Hula Hoop competition. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Hayden Hazzard, 4, gets advice from her dad, John. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
McKenzie Slaton, 7, of Wilmington sprints out front in the egg carry competition. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Jordyn Virden, 13, catches an egg like a pro during the egg toss. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Ooops ! (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Randy Holland tries a Willie Mays over the shoulder catch during the egg toss. Unfortunately it doesn't work. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Scrambled is the way Charlotte Papaleo likes her egg tossed. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Local Debi Dow-Fennimore, right, gets some help from her daughter, Alexis King Whitcomb, during the three-legged race. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
John Schaeffer saves a scrambled egg with a fingertip catch. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Isabella Porro goes for the catch. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
Abigail Hamilton, 8, concentrates on her egg carry. (Photo by: Dan Cook)
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Posted by: Amanda Neafie | Jul 08, 2013 16:04

Dan, these pictures are spectacular! And by the looks of determination on these kid's faces, I'd say this country is in great shape after all. Thanks for the great pix!



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