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House Republicans have no shame

By Bob Ward | Oct 27, 2013

Regarding Mr. Frost's letter of Oct 18. I am sure that Mr. Frost is aware that although the House has 233 Republican members and 200 Democratic members that those Democratic representatives received over one million more votes than the 233 Republican House members.

To correct Mr. Frost, therefore one could argue that the true measure of any election is most certainly not the House of Representatives in it's present form.

Due to a hughley successful push by the Republican Party they have gerrymandered house districts in every state where they held sway, also by gerrymandering, so that they have districts that are electorally safe. By gerrymandering and fraudulent laws that seek to deny citizens their right to vote, the Republican Party has demonstrated that they want no part of a representative democracy. Have they no sense of shame, irony, or even true patriotism.

Bob Ward

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