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How to enjoy the beach like a vacationer

By Billie Criswell | Jun 06, 2013
Photo by: Billie Criswell Don’t forget the Hermit House!  Hermit crabs are the perfect summer accessory.

Life in the summer is busy, and before we know it the whole season has passed, and it’s September again. So while the season is young I want to issue an all-points bulletin for the locals. It is your duty to get out there and enjoy the beach like a vacationer. Do it at least once.  Don’t hesitate!  Pick two things from the following list. Trust me, you’ll enjoy yourself like you haven’t in years!  Happy summer!

Go out on a holiday weekend

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Seems like a no brainer, but locals have a tendency to avoid the beach during holiday weekends. The weekends may be a bit crowded, but if you stay at home you miss out on the great energy of the people buzzing around. There isn't a substitute for a good vibe!

Have a beach day...all day

If you're like me, you might hit the beach for a couple of hours and then head home. If you want to really feel like it’s a vacation day, stay all day. There’s nothing like a whole sun-shiny day at the beach to renew the spirit.

Have a crab feast

One of my favorite parts of summer is the crab feasts. Spread some newspapers, corn on the cob and a few cold brews.

Hit the boards for some ice cream and fries

I do this at least once a year and it always makes me happy. I like to start with Thrasher’s fries and graduate to custard. There is something about sitting on a bench, people-watching and enjoying summer treats that makes me forget my troubles.

Get your picture taken at Yesteryears Old Tyme Photos (or Get a Scope!)

Grab your friends and get silly! Old-time photos are so much fun, not to mention one of the quintessential beach souvenirs.  If your wallet can’t take the hit, you should at least get one of those beach scopes - you know, where the guy takes your picture on the beach and puts it in one of those keychains? Awesome.

Ride the rides

When is the last time you actually visited Funland (especially if you don’t have children)?  For a dose of childhood nostalgia, go take a ride on the Gravitron, Paratroopers, Sea Dragon or tea cups. Heck, maybe you’ll even be ready to try your hand at a Boardwalk game.

Buy yourself a hermit crab

Those little cages and those funky little crabs are a trademark beach souvenir.

Getting one of those little crabs will have you taking a stroll down memory lane!

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