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I’ll take my crow fricasseed

By Mike Irise | Mar 27, 2014

I had a taste of my own medicine March 19. As I stated in my last letter (Hands in my pockets), submitted to the Gazette, “attend the meetings.” I took my own advice. My wife and I attended the Cape Henlopen School District referendum vote meeting held at the Milton Elementary School. I brought my list of questions and comments, in opposition.

But having an open mind, I sat quietly, and listened intently. As the presentation given by Superintendent Robert Fulton and Facilities Director Brian Bassett progressed, I folded my questions and comments, and placed them in my pocket. I had totally changed my mind about the referendum, as did my wife. I had gone from an opponent to a proponent in a little over an hour.

Many seniors may feel this referendum is too costly, but if you see the deplorable conditions these young students are expected to learn and excel in, you too would be amazed, and disheartened. My hat is off to all the Cape educators who have persevered through these past years. You are a credit to your profession. I request that anyone out there either go to the website, click on the FY2014 Referendum selection on the left side of the screen, and look at the presentation, or better yet attend one of the last meetings, and experience it in person. As a senior I feel it’s our duty to help pass this referendum, and get our kids back into the 21st century.

Mike Irise

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