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I'm Not The Hero....

By William Singleton | Aug 07, 2012


I was having one of those weeks, you know the kind where you start to draw into yourself because the pain and stress leaves your nerves stripped and raw without protection. Everything hurts, the wind, the rain, the thought of physical contact leaves us trembling with fear and trepidation. We isolate, hide, and emotionally barricade ourselves from the world around us, afraid to touch, feel, or talk about the current crisis or dilemma. Left in that state of emotional torment for prolonged periods of time can corrode even the purest and brightest of persons, transforming a die hard optimist into a hateful, bitter automaton.


I see many people who have become so jaded with the world they can no longer stand in the sun secluding to the shadows of their negativity. I see the influence all around us as our world becomes more and more dangerous and deceptive. The innocent die young, the trusting are taken advantage of, the compassionate are taken for granted, what hope is there in this world? Are there still miracles? Do we still have heroes? Can the lost still find redemption?


That question is posed to me every time someone walks into my office. Discouraged, hopeless, angry, disillusioned, desperate, confused, scared and lonely people walk through my door looking for answers... and I don't have them! I'm not the cure, I'm not the miracle, I'm not the hero... you are. So many people, including myself, have searched high and low for someone or something to rescue us from the current catastrophe within our life. We turn to people, places and things obsessively hunting for that missing piece to fill the aching void within our soul.


I'm not saying that an environmental change of positive individuals isn't essential for a person to grow. I'm stating that even in the most wholesome surroundings, supplied with the latest in treatment technology, the brightest most intelligent support system and the sharpest counselors and therapist. Even with all the external advantages a person is destined to fail if they don't possess one key element. An individual cannot sustain positive change if they don't believe in themselves. Their dreams will eventually wither and die, their hopes will fade and blow away and their determination will eventually crack shattering with the pressures of living life on life's terms.


Everyone has those moments when we fall gut punched in our heart and the world comes crashing down around us. We eat the dirt of rejection, failure, and disappointment, drowning in tears on our knees. The people around us may comfort us and encourage us but ultimately they cannot stand for us. The core strength must come from within as we look into the mirror of our life facing the moment of truth do we fight for our dreams or let them die right here... Only we can rise when we fall and it will require all of our strength, courage, focus and faith to crawl back up out of the pit of our mistakes!


We are beaten, battered, bloody and broken but we are not dead, gasping for air, breath still resides in our lungs. A battle like this is epic, the stuff of legends, the moments that make heroes or cowards... I believe there is a hero in each of us waiting to rise from the ashes, but it doesn't matter what I believe. The question I pose to each of you is will you continue to run away from the dreams of your life or will you fight for them! Because I'm not the hero you are....

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