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In defense of Sheriff Christopher

By Kim Gibson | Aug 26, 2014

What are those opposed to Sheriff Christopher hiding? Their claim that our sheriff wants a county police force is a complete fiction. They offer no evidence. On the contrary, public safety is an issue that our sheriff should pay attention to both for sake of the public and for the sheriff's office itself.

At present, Delaware is the only state where the sheriff and his deputies have no power to arrest or let the sheriff be the person in charge of the office for which he was elected. I find this to be a ridiculous and intolerable situation. Mr.Lee said he would have to speak to his team in order to debate Sheriff Christopher. What is that?

So why the lie? Could it be that the plotters and their supporters attack the sheriff with lies to discredit him, thus pushing their own agenda that has been hidden for the most part?

For instance, refusing to debate our sheriff and bring the issues to the front. What does his opponent have to offer we the people? How can the people make informed decisions about this challenger?

He wants us to vote for him, but what does he have to offer? I for one have no idea. We can only speculate what his message or motive is. I suspect it is not what they claim it to be, a fact that is evident by their refusal to speak up. Mr Lee says he going to change the uniform and start a safety program?

Our sheriff is already doing that and they look professional in uniform.

Makes me feel proud that they care enough to look as good as they do. I take them seriously when I see a deputy and the sheriff. It matters to me how they represent us and care enough to present well. Sheriff Christopher has my respect and my vote.

What are they holding back from us? We deserve to know. We need to know.

Kim Gibson

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