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It’s locals’ time to take back the beach

By Billie Criswell | Sep 19, 2013

This week took me up to Lewes on what was one of the hottest days we’ve had in, well, weeks. On my way back down to Bethany, I decided to stop in town to Rehoboth. I suppose the little burst of 90 degree weather had me in the summer spirit, and so I threw on my shorts, packed up my camera and headed to the avenue to catch some local sights, which was mainly the actual locals themselves.

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It was nice to stop into local stores and see the owners behind the counters. I got to enjoy a little post-season catch up chat, and it was wonderful to bask in the emptiness of the town. I decided I needed to get my feet into the sand a bit, (something that has happened far too little this summer) and so I walked up the avenue, to the boardwalk and onto the beach. When I crossed the dune, I was in for a surprise.

Where I thought I would find that open beach, dotted sporadically with umbrellas and locals reading in the sand, instead I found a beach much more densely packed than I expected. While the town itself may have looked classically September local, the beach was August-full! It brought a smile to my face.

This summer for me was not what I had expected. I wasn’t able to get to the beach as much as I had hoped, and I didn’t eat french fries nearly as often as I would have liked. But standing there, seeing the ocean, as constant as ever, reminded me that no matter what happens in my own little world, the ocean is always close. The summer is eternal.

As I drove away from Rehoboth, I was feeling rejuvenated and full of joy. I knew it was the last hot day we might get for a long while, and I had a sweet sense of closure about it. I noted the bloom of the crape myrtle trees upon my exit and said a pointed farewell to the humidity, warm breezes and the sight of that many umbrellas on the beach.

We’ve got a lot of nice days ahead of us, and cooler temperatures too. It’s local time here on the Delaware Beaches. It’s time to reconnect with friends, say hello to parking spots, happy hours, and fall sales at our local stores. It’s time to put your toes in the sand and relish the last few bits of summer warmth.

How will you get your sweet sense of summer closure? Will you do with a blanket and a book on the beach, or with a long walk hand in hand with a special someone along the shore? However you do it, don’t forget to take a moment of appreciation for all the wonder we’ve got at our back yard.

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