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It’s time to make summer resolutions

By Billie Criswell | May 29, 2014
Make a summer resolution to enjoy all your favorite treats, which may include a perennial favorite, Dolle’s caramel corn.

A lot of people make new year’s resolutions. Me? I will make them - and sometimes follow them - but I prefer short-term goals because they are easier to achieve. Perhaps it's the summer state of mind.

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That’s why this year I am making summer resolutions. These are things to do differently this season that will make me and my summer just a little happier.   What would you add to your summer resolution list?

• Go to the beach. This seems obvious, but the number of times I got to the beach last summer was downright embarrassing. And even though I have a newborn - which makes getting to the beach a little harder - I vow to go there more.  Even if it's a short jaunt on the boards or a late-evening walk on the beach, I'm going to do it.

• Eat more fries and custard. Fries and custard are two of my favorite summer treats. I've been a very good girl this winter; I think I am due for some indulgence in the form of fried and frozen food! So what's my goal? Enjoy my favorite treats at least once a month, because life is short and so is summer!

• Enjoy more barbecues/campfires with friends. Barbecues and campfires are two of my favorite things to do in summer. It’s something about the way the open flame smells hitting the warm night air. And seriously, is there anything like a roasted marshmallow?  

• Exercise outdoors. I love seeing everyone out for morning walks, runs and on their bikes. I also enjoy being the one on a walk or bike ride. I always smile a knowing smile at passersby.  It gives a feeling of camaraderie that is unique to our small beach towns. And heck, don’t you feel great when you come in from the heat all sweaty? I sure do!

• Enjoy cocktails at sunset.  I have spent the last nine months not drinking (comes with the territory of being pregnant) but luckily she made her arrival just in time for summer.  This means I'll be back to enjoying my sunset cocktails in no time. I like a little fanfare with my cocktails, so specialty drinks are just what the doctor ordered! I’m going to get creative with drinks this summer and come up with some truly memorable ones.  If you aren’t in the do-it-yourself drink mood, there's no shortage of amazing mixologists in the local bars!

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