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It takes a neighborhood to combat crime

Dec 04, 2012

The Cape Gazette recently reported on a violent assault in a convenience store and, just this week came a violent home invasion in which three masked men entered a home in a long-established development. One of the robbers had a handgun, and one victim was grazed in the head by a bullet.

Police do not yet know if these incidents were random acts; neither crime has been solved, and no suspects have been identified.

In past years, our region has not been immune to crime, but many incidents involved thefts of items such as televisions or copper piping from homes that were not occupied. Even that type of theft has increased to a new level of boldness: the Cape Gazette also reported a house stripped clean of furniture, appliances and even shrubbery.

Still, more troubling are the growing number of incidents in which criminals are entering homes while residents are inside.

State and local police have made it clear: the time is long gone when Cape Region residents can leave their homes and cars unlocked.

Locking doors and improving outdoor lighting around the home are simple steps residents can take to reduce the likelihood a home will be targeted.

Organizing a Neighborhood Watch program, getting to know your neighbors, and encouraging neighbors to report suspicious activity are additional critical steps homeowners can take to reduce and crime and improve neighborhood safety.

December is a time when darkness comes early and people stay out late shopping, often walking to or from their cars with lots of packages. Many stores offer assistance getting to the cars; it’s a good time of year to accept this help, especially for people who are shopping alone.

We in the Cape Region take pride in helping our neighbors and working together to create strong, safe communities where people can walk safely, day or night, on town or country streets.

This increase in crime must be met with increased determination to work together to keep our streets and neighborhoods safe.


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