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Jul 02, 2014

Gov. Markell signs legislation into law

Gov. Jack Markell has signed 10 pieces of legislation into law since Aug. 25.

The first piece of legislation, Senate Bill 205, requires the Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association to adopt rules and regulations regarding awareness, recognition, and management of sudden cardiac arrest in student athletes.

The law makes the DIAA host a cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification class for all school-appointed head coaches, which includes training on the use of an automated external defibrillator.

Senate Bill 75, signed Aug. 27, enables changes in investment funding for the Delaware Land and Water Conservation Trust Fund.

The law increases the effectiveness of the fund by enabling the state to lower match requirements for municipal and county projects from 50 percent to 25 percent. The bill also establishes an infrastructure account which will provide $1 million annually for improvements in state parks, and fish and wildlife areas statewide.

Senate Bill 258, signed Sept.2 , declassifies and updates fines for certain hunting, fishing and boating offenses.

Among the things the bill does is declassifies a number of less severe offenses associated with wildlife, hunting, trapping, fishing and boating by changing them from Class C and D environmental misdemeanors to environmental violations; stipulates that these environmental violations will not show up on criminal background checks; and raises the minimum fine for Class C environmental violations from $50 to $100 for first offenses, and the Class D environmental violations from $25 to $50 for first offenses.

House Bill 340, signed Sept. 3, amends the Omnibus School Safety Act signed in 2012, which initially said schools and districts must, by September 2017, be in compliance with the Act’s provisions regarding preparation for potential emergency situations, ranging from armed intruders to natural disasters.

The amendment requires schools to have a comprehensive and up-to-date plan by this month.

The bill also provides for school districts to conduct table top exercises annually and at least two lockdown/intruder drills per school year.

House Bill 13, signed Sept. 4, requires legislators to wait one year after leaving the General Assembly before they would be permitted to lobby current legislators. The measure applies to any legislator serving after January 1, 2015, which would exclude any lawmakers who leave office through the end of the 148th General Assembly in 2016.

The governor also signed House Bill 294, 360, and 379, and Senate Bill 202 and 203.



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