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Let Bodenweiser go to church

By Dixie Boucher | Nov 16, 2012

I saw the article about Superior Court Judge Bradley denying a request for Mr. Bodenweiser to be allowed to attend the church he is a member of while under house confinement. According to the article, the church would accept Mr. Bodenweiser's attendance, see that no contact with minors is possible and escort him to and from his car after services.

I am at a lost as to why this judge would take such a position when even the Department of Correction accepted and requested he be allowed to attend. The judge seems to be putting himself in the position of being both judge and jury, and the fact remains that Mr. Bodenweiser has not been convicted.

This does not reflect very well on the judge, or the judicial system in our county, because in this country an accused person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The issue of the crime itself is not what I am discussing, only one of our basic human rights in this country, which is being ignored, and I must protest it very strongly. Let the man go to church.

Dixie Boucher

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