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Let's bring some of that foreign aid back home

By Steve Hyle | Nov 29, 2013

Our Congressional Representatives, both Democrats and Republicans alike, say "we're broke" and can't help our own seniors, veterans, orphans and homeless. Yet, over the last several years, they have voted for direct cash aid to over 20 foreign countries totaling $14,753,000,000, and those countries hate and disrespect America even more than ever. Instead, a significant portion of this "foreign aid" should be going to our retired seniors living on a fixed income, our homeless, our wounded veterans, destitute families and the hungry.

Likewise, a number of our celebrities, philanthropists, other notable and influential persons and civic and religious organizations give billions to the countless uneducated children, the impoverished, etc. in other countries. Given the plight of the homeless, veterans, hungry, uneducated, struggling individuals, and destitute families in our own country today, I would like to see more of their dollars turned to helping our own who are in need.

I’m not disparaging all philanthropic individuals, or civic and religious organizations. I know a great number also help our own needy. But, as history tells us, in spite of these efforts, they have made but a small dent in relieving poverty, disease and hunger throughout the world. I would suggest that few in our country would think the worse of them if they were to instead focus and concentrate more of their charity to helping our own. And most certainly, this applies to our government. It’s unfortunate, but true, we alone can’t “save the world.” But we alone can save America.

Steve Hyle


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Posted by: Thomas Adams | Nov 30, 2013 12:33

I'm fairly certain that Mr Hyle would not want to leave readers with the mistaken notion that the US government simply writes out checks to foreign governments (his “direct cash aid” remark).  Our foreign assistance can be economic, humanitarian, or military.  Economic and humanitarian assistance generally flows to agencies that administer programs.  A huge percentage of military assistance must be spent on the purchase of US defense equipment, services, and training--and so military aid might be looked at as a subsidy of the US defense industry.


I tried locating the source of Mr Hyle’s figures, but could not.  The best I could find was an anonymous chain email that has been circulating on the Internet since at least 2010.  I’m betting that email found its way to Mr Hyle’s in-box.  I came across it through a Google search using wording from Mr Hyle’s first sentence: “Both Democrats and Republicans alike say we are broke and can’t help our own seniors, veterans, orphans and homeless.”  Plug those words in and you’ll hit the jackpot.  My favorite hit discusses a variant of the same email that was edited for an audience in the UK.  The House of Commons Library investigated and concluded that the bogus email originated in the US.

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