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Let's keep Delaware safe from outliers

By Bob Cloutier | Apr 08, 2013

I have been in a classroom continuously since 1975 as a full-time or adjunct teacher.  The NRA has proposed that I might be selected to be trained on firearms, given a gun and required to carry it when I am teaching.  That might make sense to some people.

What the NRA didn't propose was legislation that allows me, on my own assessment, to wound or kill a person that I alone deem might harm anyone in my school. The legislation would exclude me from civil or criminal charges and also not allow any of my victim's relatives to sue me, the school or the taxpayer for my actions. I think something is missing here that the NRA would not touch with a 20-foot pole.

Our federal legislators seem more concerned with their paychecks than the safety of our citizens.  Any action they take will be minimal and/or non-consequential regarding guns. That leaves it up to the states.

I propose that Delaware pass legislation that allows all Delawareans who own guns legally be grandfathered into whatever law that is passed. However, anyone moving into Delaware or just coming over the Delaware border with a gun be required to register it with the state within 10 days.

The penalty for non-compliance should be a minimum of a $10,000 fine and no less than one year in prison for violating Delaware's law regarding guns. Let's keep Delaware safe from outliers.

Bob Cloutier

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