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Letter backfires; guns much more deadly than knives

By Helen Flood | Apr 19, 2013

The letter writer's weak attempt at humor last week to try to convince people that sharp objects are in the same category as guns completely backfired. (pun intended). By mentioning the recent college stabbings she inadvertently highlighted the fact that knives are not nearly as deadly as guns. In the recent stabbing of 14 Texas students there was not a single death.

If Adam Lanza had come to Sandy Hook Elementary with a knife instead of a gun he wouldn't have even been able to get inside the school since he blasted his way in there. And even if he had somehow gotten in, most of the victims, probably all of those precious little children, would still be alive today. Everybody knows, especially gun enthusiasts, that guns are much more deadly than knives. If they weren't they would be hunting with knives and not with guns.

Helen Flood



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